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Amazon: Hires 33.000 employees with an average pay of $ 150.000

Amazon has announced that it will make a Career Day on September 16 which will be open to all who seek work.

Amazon: Hires 33.000 employees with an average pay of $ 150.000

Amazon Career Day will feature a team of 1.000 employees offering 20.000 coaching career sessions, according to the tech giant's press release. The sessions will be free.

Amazon so far has 33.000 jobs for corporate and tech roles and says it will share "thousands of extra hourly jobs in network Amazon Operations »coming soon. All new employees for these roles will be paid a minimum of $ 15 per hour with up to 20 weeks of parenting license.

Employees filling corporate and tech roles will receive an average salary of $ 150.000, including salaries, inventory compensation and benefits, an Amazon spokeswoman told CNN Business.

"With so many people losing their jobs due to the financial impact of Covid-19 and looking for new jobs, Career Day is designed to support all job seekers, regardless of experience level, occupation or background - or whether they are looking for work at Amazon or another company, "the company said in a press release.

Amazon conducted a survey and found that 53% of Americans were forced to look for a new job because of Covid-19.

In August, the company said it planned to hire an additional 3.500 employees in U.S. cities, a move that commits the tech giant to a significant expansion of office space at a time when other companies technology embrace telecommunications indefinitely.

Amazon: Hires 33.000 employees with an average pay of $ 150.000

In addition, the technology company is reportedly in talks with Simon Property Group (SPG), the largest mall owner in USA, to convert former or current stores JCPenney (JCP) and Sears (SHLDQ) at distribution nodes for packet delivery.

UPS also focuses on uptake during the pandemic.

"We plan to hire more than 100.000 people for UPS seasonal work and expect a large number to move to permanent roles after the holidays," the company said in a press release Wednesday.


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