HomesecurityVideo Games and kids: The perfect combination for hackers

Video Games and kids: The perfect combination for hackers

16-year-old Luke Martin had a lot of free time during the pandemic as his lessons were done online. And he decided to fill his free time by playing video games. But he fell victim to a hacking attack.

One day in April, when he tried to log in to the online gaming platform Steam, a message appeared stating that his credentials were incorrect. After its customer service office Steam helped him get back into account found that $ 200 of the video games he had bought had disappeared. Check her history connection and found that someone had logged into his account by a IP in Moldova.

video games

The pandemic caused a huge increase in the use of video games, which means that hackers also turned their attention there. caution their. In fact, video game users grew by 30% in the second quarter compared to the first quarter.  Although many people think that a hack on a video game is not that great, the truth is that it can be disastrous. Video game hacks can lead to a breach of your bank account, which means you may lose your money. Also for hackers are valuable and all the following: skins, weapons and clothes they wear avatar players, as they can sell them in various online markets or at Dark web.

The most common attack technique is to try to log in to accounts by trying to steal credentials they buy on the dark web. If an account is compromised, and the specific credentials are used in other accounts, that Password will probably be found in their hands hacker who buy passwords on the dark web so we remind you not to use the same passwords on different services.

Nintento said at least 300.000 of its global customer accounts had been breached since April, and the company added additional security measures to address the situation.

Luke was lucky that Steam regained access to video games. The 16-year-old from Mohnton, Pa., Said he thought he had turned on authentication two factors at account but may not have completed the process properly.

Aarush Dey just made his first toy purchase in April: He used real {dollars} to buy gems to spend on the Brawl Stars, a sport he enjoys at iPad for more than a year. The purchase was a gift from his mother and father for his eleventh birthday. Shortly afterwards, his account was breached.

His mother, Suchi Ray, had received purchase alerts from Apple - the amounts were small 99 cents and $ 2.99 so it did not pay much attention. One night, around 1 a.m., he received another notification for another purchase in the game. But Aarush was asleep and charging his iPad in his mother's bed.

11-year-old Aarush Dey made his first in-game purchase in April, using real {dollars} to buy gems to spend on the game.Brawl Stars».

"Aarush is not very involved with the game and this was the first time we made a purchase. Apparently this one time was enough to expose them data ", he said.

Ms. Ray was so frightened that she deleted the application and changed her Apple ID and password. Because the Apple ID was linked to her PayPal account, which is linked to American Express card, and changed the passwords on these accounts. It even changed the passwords on Google Accounts.

"We do not know what problems this breach may pose," Ms Ray said. "The monetary loss was very small, but that does not mean it is not we are in danger».

What can you do

Here are some ways to protect yourself and your children from online scams

  • Two-factor authentication setting
  • Create a strong password
  • Never share your account information
  • Please check the URL before logging in to the game
  • Use the parental control settings

All of the above, as we have mentioned many times, are some basic security settings that you should apply, especially to toy accounts to which your children have access.


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