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Home security Is it time to protect your home network?

Is it time to protect your home network?

Some time ago, to protect your home network, you just had to install one antivirus program in computer of. However, things are not so simple anymore.

It is not just the computer and laptops that need to be protected. Most of us have many devices connected to Internet: phones, tablets, game consoles, perhaps a "smart" TV or a thermostat and a refrigerator, a smart light bulb, a toy, a security camera or a video streaming device etc.

The average house in the US has 11 of these Appliances, According to Deloitte. Many of these devices are vulnerable to hacking. If you do not want to be the target of criminals, who may spread malware or ransomware, you need to insure your entire home network.

What are the risks to the home network?

Home networks are an important target for cybercriminals, who use "innocent" smart gadgets to steal data from computers and phones. In addition, attackers can use vulnerable devices and take them integrate into much larger "botnets", which can be used to cause more damage.

On average, one in three home Internet connections is made through devices other than computers or telephones. Therefore, there are many opportunities for your devices to be compromised.

You can protect your home network on your own, but you need to a lot of work and if you make a mistake, the consequences can be devastating. Most people prefer to pay for one service network protection, offered either by the internet service provider or by another company. Of course, this costs money.

How does this work?

Think of your home network as a set of boxes connected by strings. Somehow so are all the interiors Appliances you and the data shared with each other.

Now imagine each of these boxes tied with thousands of other strings outside your home. These are connections that your devices usually make to other devices on the World Wide Web. We cannot constantly monitor all these connections on our own. We need help.

your home network

A good network security service creates firewalls to block unwanted data traffic. However, firewalls are not perfect. Therefore, the service must monitor network traffic using artificial intelligence to detect unusual patterns. It monitors both devices and malicious internet domains, warning of potential threats and blocking suspicious sites.

This will allow you to configure it security and reply to notifications from your laptop or phone.

Parents can also use these services to set rules regarding sites that children can visit.

"Most consumers do not have the necessary knowledge on how to insure their home networkSays Michael Philpott, an analyst on Internet-connected devices. "The only real option is to have one central solution that can monitor all connected devices".

It is a good idea to contact a company security, which will help you protect your devices and your home network in general. The Bitdefender, F-Secure, McAfee and Trend Micro are some of the "leaders" of the industry.

The market would also be a good idea network-security kits from security companies, although you usually pay more for an extra tracking device to add to your network. These often include Malware protection software for computers and phones.

Finally, look for software that allows you to create two separate "virtual" home networks. The one network will only be for computers and storage data network and the other for other home appliances, such as smart TVs, speakers, etc.

In any case, if you do not want to rely on experts and specialists services, must study a lot and get educated to protect your home network yourself.

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