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AirPods Pro Vs. Galaxy Buds Live: Audio quality and noise cancellation

With good sound quality and excellent noise cancellation, its AirPods Pro Apple can surpass its Galaxy Buds Live Samsung; Samsung cordless headphones have similar features such as noise cancellation and a truly wireless design, at significantly cheaper price.

Galaxy Buds cost $ 170, while AirPods Pro $ 249.

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AirPods Pro Vs. Galaxy Buds Live: Audio quality and noise cancellation

Apple AirPods Pro: The best noise cancellation

These cordless headphones are truly the best choice of all transactions, especially for users iPhone. The sound is well balanced for music, podcasts and calls. But their only feature is that they have extremely active noise cancellation.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Better sound quality and application

Galaxy Buds Live, or "Galaxy Beans" due to their unique shape, fit perfectly inside your ear. Depending on the shape of your ear, it may be more comfortable for several hours. The sound quality is excellent when left in the default settings, but you can also modify the default audio profile in the Galaxy app Wearable.

Noise cancellation is much better at AirPods Pro, but the Galaxy Buds Live sounds better

Both of these headphones sound good. However, Samsung headphones have a much more dynamic audio profile, with a dynamic bass response that fits a range of music genres. AirPods are more neutral, with less bass, which makes them balanced for switching between podcasts and music.

The Galaxy Wearable application (in iOS and Android) allows you to change the audio profile to one of six different presets, such as bass boost or drop, as opposed to their competitor that does not have a user-adjustable equalizer. Apple headphones will also receive an audio update to iOS that allows them to simulate surround sound.

Thanks to their design, AirPods Pro effectively cancel out active noise, which really eliminates the most unwanted noise, such as the roar of an airplane engine or the roar of a train.

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AirPods Pro Vs. Galaxy Buds Live: Audio quality and noise cancellation

Comfort and design

You have to admit that Samsung did a pretty good job with a design radically different from other wireless headphones out there. Depending on the shape of your ear, the bean shape will fit snugly on your ear, without protrusions. They come in bronze, white and black and to change pieces or adjust the volume, you just have to click on screen touch.

AirPods Pro, on the other hand, come in three different sizes that you can change depending on the size of your ear. It is only available in white and for navigating the songs, there is a button pointing down to the ear you are clicking on.

For water and sweat resistance, the AirPods Pro have a higher IP IPX4 rating compared to Buds Live IPX2.

Siri or Bixby

Both of these handsets offer a hands-free experience for interacting with your phone, from changing tracks to reading incoming messages. As you would expect, Apple headphones use the Crab iPhone and Samsung use Bixby.

AirPods Pro Vs. Galaxy Buds Live: Audio quality and noise cancellation

If you lose your headphones, both allow you to play a sound to find them again, but only the AirPods Pro appears in their last place on a map.

Better battery life

If you want to listen to music or have calls for much of the day, Galaxy Buds Live lasts longer. Samsung says the battery lasts for six hours with ANC enabled and eight hours with it off. Apple says the AirPods Pro last 4,5 hours with ANC enabled and up to 5 hours with ON.

Each case has an extra charge time: Buds Live up to 29 hours in total (if you do not use ANC) and AirPods 24 hours. To charge them by cable, note that they use different plugs, but both charge wirelessly.