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ScanWatch: The watch that can do an electrocardiogram

The smart one clock of Withings, ScanWatch, is the first to offer a full range of tools monitoring of health on a watch.

ScanWatch: The watch that can do an electrocardiogram

The ScanWatch has built-in sensors ECG (electrocardiogram) and SpO2 (oxygen saturation in the blood). This means that it can monitor atrial fibrillation and apnea sleeping, two inconspicuous but serious health effects.

The larger, 42mm model is wonderfully simple, with thick protrusions and a sloping edge. The smaller 38mm version is much smoother, with a narrower frame and rounded protrusions that combine much better in the background. For both sizes, you can choose between white and black.

There are two more features in ScanWatch, the lower dial is the analog one that each Withings hybrid has, it counts from one to one hundred, and it works up to the limit you set for yourself in the accompanying application. If you want to monitor your activity but you want to avoid unnecessary displays, it is ideal.

At the top of the second clock, is the round PMOLED display that will show you smart alerts and allow you to access the special functions of the clock, browse the menu that shows your heart rate, the steps you have taken, the distance you you went through more. You will also be able to enable one essay ECG and SpO2.

Both are relatively easy to perform, you just need to be motionless and put your hands on a surface, with one finger resting on the ScanWatch hoop for the electrocardiogram. And watching the report on the small screen helps you see how it goes καρδιά you.

ScanWatch: The watch that can do an electrocardiogram

Of course, all Withings products rely heavily on Health Mate, one of the best health apps available. It presents your health on a daily basis and gathers the most long-term data to give you a broad picture of your progress (or lack thereof) over time. Withings says the ScanWatch battery will last up to 30 days on a single charge.

Of course, the ScanWatch is very expensive for a hybrid watch, despite all these features. At USA, the largest model will reach $ 300, which is an amount you could spend on a top SmartWatch.