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Home security Protect your site from data breaches

Protect your site from data breaches

In our time, whether you work with inside information or provide services to your customers, the safety of your site from data breaches could not be more important. The continuous evolution of hackers and the malicious programs that are circulating, make it imperative to take security measures, in order to avoid an unpleasant incident that can damage the financial status of your company, but also your reputation.

data breaches

Choose secure passwords

Perhaps the most important step in protecting your systems from data breaches is the password. Choose difficult and long codes that will not be easily broken and avoid using the same code in many locations.


A URL that starts with HTTPS Unlike HTTP, it indicates that the site in question has been encrypted, which means that intruders cannot invade vital communications between your site and its visitors. Without this additional level of security, the users are vulnerable to hackers seeking to gather sensitive information about their identity and online activities.

Encrypt your data

Nowadays, there are several tools that can help you encrypt your data. Full disk encryption is the safest option for protecting your data from tampering, but you can also encrypt data on memory cards, in the cloud, and even on the Internet using VPN.

Update your software

Invest in the latest, most reliable software on the market, depending on your operating system. Even simple malware bugs can cause major problems, making antivirus software a must have. The best thing about these programs is that they can be configured to do automatic updating.

Have an action plan

If your business has not yet developed an action plan to address potential data breaches, now is the time. Implementing a data breach response plan is a critical step towards minimizing the consequences of any future breaches and will make a significant contribution to gaining consumer confidence.

Make backup copies

By backing up, you can prevent a total disaster, even if you fall victim to data breaches. Save all files to in cloud is a great start and there are also a growing number of specialized backup services for developers.

Shut down the computer

An action as simple as closing it computer at the end of the day, is an incredible way to minimize rogue access to device and your network. Additionally, it gives your computer's operating system the opportunity to install new software updates that have become available.


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