HomesecurityService NSW: Data theft of 186,000 customers after an attack

Service NSW: Data theft of 186,000 customers after an attack

The government agency Service NSW revealed that personal data 186.000 customers were stolen after a cyber attack aimed 47 e-mail staff accounts. the theft data took place earlier in the year.

Service NSW

After a four-month investigation launched in April, Service NSW found that a huge amount of data (738 GB), which contained 3,8 million documents, was breached after an attack on accounts e-mail.

The agency, however, said it had found no evidence that individual account data had been breached. MyServiceNSW or bases data of Service NSW during a cyber attack.

"The data consisted of documents such as handwritten notes and forms, scanned documents and transaction files".

"We're sorry that customer information was received in this way", Said the service.

Service NSW said it had begun alerting customers affected by data theft by sending personalized letters. The letters contain information about the stolen data and how customers could have access to "customer support", as well as to an individual case manager for assistance and possible replacement of certain documents. The company expects to complete the customer alert process in December.

"Our focus is now on providing the best support to the approximately 186.000 customers and staff we have identified as being affected by data theftSaid the CEO of Service NSW, Damon Rees.

Service NSW also revealed that police are investigating data theft, which has been described as “criminal attack".

There is also an ongoing review by the NSW Auditor General on defense, practices, the systems and education of Service NSW.

The service said that after the data theft, it set in application additional security measures for protection against future attacks, such as working with IDCare which will provide the organization with additional "cyber support".

theft of data

"We have accelerated cybersecurity plans and streamlined old business processes to keep customer information as secure as possible"He said.

Last week, another data breach was revealed as they were stolen the data thousands of New South Wales (NSW) drivers.

In June, the New South Wales Government sought to strengthen the safety in cyberspace, investing in protection of existing systems, the development of new technologies and the increase of the workforce in cyberspace.

In addition, the government has launched a strategy to promote cyber security. "The 2020 NSW Cyber ​​Security Strategy ensure that the NSW Government continues to provide safe, reliable and resilient services in an ever-changing and evolving environment", Said the Minister of Customer Service Victor Dominello.

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