HomesecurityAtrium: breach of ransomware patient data

Atrium: breach of ransomware patient data

Some of her patient information Atrium Health have leaked after an attack ransomware held at the cloud computing provider Blackbaud.


Atrium has published a notice about attack ransomware on its website. Atrium Health officials said in a statement that some information, which may include names, date of birth and doctor's name, was leaked when cybercriminals targeted Blackbaud.

According to Atrium Health, no medical records have been violated either information on drugs or test results and no credit card or bank account information has been stolen.

Blackbaud, which provides donor management software to many institutions around the world, notified Atrium on July 16 of the attack on its systems, the company said in a letter to patients.

It has not yet been clarified how many users Charlotte or other Atrium sites may have been affected.

In a statement to Observer On Saturday, Atrium said "there are still many unanswered questions and we are working diligently for both the answers and the resolution of the problem. "Like thousands of other Blackbaud customers, we are very concerned about this incident and are carefully evaluating our next steps."

"We apologize for this incident at Blackbaud and for any concern or inconvenience it may cause," Atrium said in a statement to patients.

Η infringement did not include social security numbers and credit card or bank account details, Atrium said. Blackbaud never had access to medical records or information about the patient's prognosis, medications, and test results.

This breach prompted Atrium Health to reconsider the measures security receiving. "We take this issue very seriously and reconsider our relationship with Blackbaud," the hospital system said.

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