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Apple: It will delay the release of the anti-tracking service

Recently, in the official Developer portal Apple has announced that it will delay the release of its new service iOS 14, which will force applications to request rights from users, so they can record their digital life.

Although many are unaware, various user information is very important for companies like Facebook and Twitter. For example, following our internet searches, Facebook may display various ads related to the things we have searched for.

Therefore, adding the new service on their devices, Apple will affect a large percentage of the revenues of various social-media companies. For the same reason, its representatives Facebook created a new blog, which states that the new Apple service will affect many other companies, which rely on data collection and management.

Shortly afterwards, Apple announced that the new service would be available in early 2021. By delaying its release, the company wants to give time to managers of the various applications, so that they have made the necessary configurations when the service is released.

After activating the service, the applications will display a window in which users can allow or even disable application to gather information. In addition, to facilitate the selection, applications should inform users why, how and what data they will collect.

Although the service does not directly affect companies, gives users the right to prevent a large percentage of data collection, which will lead to large monetary losses for both Facebook and many other advertising companies.

In a statement, Apple urged administrators to describe in detail why applications are collecting our data. According to the company, the probability of acceptance increases significantly when the user knows the reason monitoring with details.


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