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Tips: How to make the most of Alexa!

What are the devices that can replace a smart speaker? We have made the following list of devices / things you no longer need, as you have a smart speaker, so see below how to make the most of your Alexa!


1. Multimedia devices for general information

If you want to know how the weather is today or what is the news of the day, just ask Alexa.

2. Do not have your phone near you? No problem

Surprise! Alexa can communicate with other Alexa! You can communicate with other Alexa devices in your home or even at the homes of friends who have given you prior permission. So if you just want to ask something one friend but you do not have it near you phone, do it through Alexa. If you have an Echo Show you can also make video calls.

3. An audio system

Not only is your smart speaker a speaker, but it can also connect to AM / FM radio and any service streaming you wish. You can also use your smart speaker to connect to other speakers inside your home.

4. Clean walls

Want to know the time? Don't have a watch? Not sure where to turn to look? It's easy, just ask Alexa. In addition, you can even set alarms and timers. If you have an Echo Show, you can also customize its appearance watch you.

5. Do you feel a little lonely?

Alexa of course can not replace the human presence but can tell you stories, as well as interesting jokes and Facts.

6. Shop easily online without a computer

Logically, it is easy to order anything from Amazon with a simple prompt to Alexa. If you have an Echo Auto, you can even tell Alexa to pay for your petrol at Exxon and Mobile gas stations at USA. Really if you want to spend money, you will not have any difficulty at all!

7. Take a break from Google

Google is the first choice of all of us when we do not know the answer. But now you can do them questions and Alexa which will do the internet search for you and give you the answer.

As you can see, it can not completely replace all of the above, but it is a very good alternative solution we recommend that you use it (especially if the device is near you).


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