HomesecurityThe Twitter account of the Prime Minister of India Modi has been violated

The Twitter account of the Prime Minister of India Modi has been violated

Twitter Prime Minister of India
Twitter Prime Minister of India

Ο Twitter account for staff website of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (@narendramodi_in) was violated from hackers, who sent a series of tweets asking followers to donate cryptocurrency at the fund for assistance, Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

"Yes, this one account has been violated by John Wick ", states a tweet.

"I invite you all to make a donation to the PM National Relief Fund for him Covid-19… ”, States another tweet.

Twitter Prime Minister of India

Twitter quickly detected the malicious activity and took care to protect the account "Locking" the attackers out. Also, the platform deleted their tweets hackers.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that company "discovered this activity and took measures to protect the breached account". "We are constantly investigating the case", he said.

Unfortunately, such incidents are not uncommon. A short time ago, a huge number of accounts Celebrity Twitter, violated by hackers. Some of them accounts belonged to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Uber and Apple.

The official personal site of the Prime Minister of India Modi has more than 2,5 million followers, while his personal account, with more than 61 million followers, was not affected.

"We are investigating the situation. "At the moment we have not found any other accounts affected," a Twitter spokesman told the BBC.

The tweets, which have now been removed, asked followers to donate cryptocurrency.

The scam has spread to mainstream celebrity accounts like hers Kim Kardashian West and companies Apple and Uber.

The platform pointed out that The hackers did not violate them systems of. Most likely that targeted associates of the Prime Minister of India, who had taken over the management of the Twitter account, and so sent the tweets.

At this time, we do not know who is behind it attack.


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