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TUXEDO: Announces two new Linux Gaming Laptops

Today, the company TUXEDO is one of the best manufacturers of computers with Linux. In addition to the wide range of laptops, the company also offers some mini-pc devices, which are specially made for various systems based on Linux. On the other hand, the company's range contains many High-end computers. A typical example is TUXEDO Polaris 15 and Polaris 17, two new laptops made specifically for gaming.

Although the devices contain the same materials, the body of the Polaris 17 is larger, which is why it also comes with a 17.3-inch screen and weighs 2.5 kg. In addition to different sizes, computers also have small differences in appearance.

In addition to these differences, the users can get laptops with the same features. Regarding the processors, the company gives 3 options: Ryzen 5 4600H, Ryzen 7 4800H and Intel core i7-10750H 10th  generation. In addition to the processor, users can choose more RAM, which can reach up to 64GB, at a speed of 3200 MHz.

Speaking of graphics, you should know that computers come with GTX 16050ti chipset. However, in case they use the device for heavy games, users can choose it RTX 2060, paying some extra money.

The following is a list of the empty features of the TUDEXO Pulse 15 and Pulse 17:

  • Battery with a size of 62 Wh.
  • M.2 SSD.
  • Port for NVMe SSD with capacity up to 1TB.

Apart from the above features, you should know that both models come with their own screen 144Hz, in addition to the more basic version of the TUXEDO Pulse 15, which comes with screen of 60Hz.

According to the company, the new models will be released soon and users will be able to pick up their device about 10 days after ordering it.


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