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How to enhance your virtual events

Jon Reed, the co-founder of diginomica is the right person to talk to you about virtual events giving you the best advice. See below his tips in detail:

What not to do

1. Do not play music. Reed said this advice is between serious and funny. To be precise, he said that almost always the music at virtual events is of very poor quality. Reed reminds us that the equipment we use is not always the right one to listen to properly, so focus less on music and more on quality content.

2. Do not use a virtual event as a "stop" for a live event. Reed wants sellers to stop pretending to hold live events - chances are you won't be doing any live events next year. Spend it energy to create the best possible virtual events (since this is the best you can do right now).

3. Virtual events and revenue generation have not met so far. Invite them co-workers help you plan virtual events until a model is identified that will benefit all stakeholders financially.

4. Answer the questions. Reed is frustrated with virtual events where no questions are answered during the event. Telling your audience that you will contact them later is not friendly to them user. With virtual events you have the opportunity to divide users into smaller groups to interact. You can also accept anonymous questions and find ways to further improve the discussions.

virtual events

What to do

1. Increase opportunities for interaction. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. They have questions and are interested in interacting with others. This is more than just Q&A questions. You are not going to imitate the way a TV show is done.

2. More "breakout rooms". Many ignore the opportunity to have breakout rooms in which they can have access the higher strains or external partners. You can guide the audience from a speech to smaller sessions by getting more opportunities to collaborate directly with speakers and experts.

3. Look for the best platform options. Do not blame your miserable platform for providing a bad virtual events experience. Look for new virtual event platforms. None platform They are not perfect, so you should always be aware of the best option at all times.

4. Design is important. Reed admits that powerful virtual events require better planning. Virtual events may not offer the experience of a live event, as with good planning we can achieve a good result.


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