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PayPal also removes Peace Data accounts

Paypal discontinued operation accounts associated with Russian propaganda operation, revealed behind news websites.

According to Business Insider, PayPal has scrapped several accounts linked to a Russian propaganda firm that allegedly paid content writers USA and Britain.

PayPal also removes Peace Data accounts

As we have mentioned in the previous days, the Facebook announced the suspension of page operation linked to the website Peace Data at his suggestion FBI. It should be recalled that the company linked the website to "people related to previous activities of the Russian Internet Research Service," which the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that it tried to sow discord in the US and help the campaign Trump 2016.

PayPal, after receiving a list of accounts on its website, linked to the Russian activity, stated that it had received suspect activity related to accounts that have now been terminated.

An author of the website told Business Insider on Tuesday that he was deceived by the promise of a stable platform and decent money: $ 200 per article, while in the end the webmasters paid only $ 100 per article.

«PayPal is actively investigating this issue and we have taken swift action to reduce these accounts, »Said a company representative.

PayPal also removes Peace Data accounts

The company has an internal team working "to detect, investigate and take action to prevent possible illegal activity on its platforms and is committed to working with the authorities to support their efforts to combat illegal global activities."

In a post-revelation post, Peace Data said it was "shocked and scared" by allegations made by Facebook, the FBI and PayPal that it was part of a Russian propaganda operation.


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