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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: It will work for 2 weeks with just one charge!

When it comes to monitoring of fitness, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is one of its strong players play.

galaxy fit 2
Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: It will work for 2 weeks with just one charge!

Among the devices from FitbitThe Garmin and now even the Amazon, there is probably a device out there suitable for everyone, regardless of their personal needs. But the many choices can make it difficult for some people to decide which one to choose. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is the perfect example. It is a capable device that combines everything very well, but does not have features that make it more exciting than any other fitness tracking device you can buy.

For the Galaxy Fit 2, Samsung may have found a way to get consumers to notice.

It was announced today in the report IFA Berlin, the best of the features of the device, which is its lifespan battery. Under normal circumstances, Samsung says you can avoid 15 days of use with a single charge. You can extend this number to 21 days using specific settings.

In other words, the Galaxy Fit 2 is what you would expect from one w in 2020. Can monitor steps, heart rate and sleeping providing measurements and scores when you wake up in the morning. Samsung says you can also customize it screen of Fit 2 with 70 different options.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: It will work for 2 weeks with just one charge!

We do not know how much the tracker will cost yet, but Samsung told us that it will arrive at USA, while it is expected to cost about the same as the Galaxy Fit, which was worth $ 100. In addition to wearable, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab A7 and A42 5G on Wednesday. The latter will probably end up being the company's most affordable 5G phone to date.


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