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Dwayne Johnson and his family tested positive for COVID-19

Dwayne «The RockJohnson has just joined the list of celebrities infected with the infamous COVID-19 virus. The popular actor told his 196 million fans on Wednesday that his wife Lauren, their two children and himself had positive results for him corona about three weeks ago.

dwayne covid-19
Dwayne Johnson and his family tested positive for COVID-19

«My wife Lauren, as well as my two little girls, and I all tested positive for COVID-19He said in an 11-minute video. «"I can tell you that this was one of the hardest and most difficult things we have ever been through."

Fortunately, actor Dwayne explained that the family has gone through the 14-day contagious period.

"We are on the other side of the virus, we are on the other side, we are no longer contagious and we are, thank God, healthy," he said.

With over 25 million cases worldwide, it is no surprise that many actors, musicians, politicians and other important personalities have contributed to COVID-19. Idris Elba, Pink, Lena Dunham, Antonio Banderas, Kevin Hart, Kevin Durant, Tom Hanks and Boris Johnson are among those who announced that they tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson is arguably the greatest personality.

Dwayne Johnson has three daughters. 19-year-old Simone, with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, 4-year-old Jasmine and 2-year-old Tiana, with his wife Lauren. In the video, he said that contamination His coronavirus was a traumatic condition unlike any other he faced because he transmitted the virus to his family.

Dwayne Johnson and his family tested positive for COVID-19

«I wish I was the only one infected with COVID-19, but so was my whole family, so that was a big blow," He wrote.

Dwayne encouraged his fans to pay attention to strengthening their immune system, to be careful about those they invite into their home and, of course, to wear mask.

Unusually, the actor does not have films to be released in 2020, but it is still a big year. He works in three big ones Movies for next year, including DC Flick Black Adam, and earlier this month, became co-owner of the football league XFL.


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