HomesecurityEmotet: Cheats users with fake document from 'Windows 10 Mobile'

Emotet: Cheats users with fake document from 'Windows 10 Mobile'

Emotes malware

The Emotes malware reappeared, with one new malicious attachment (in e-mail) which appears to have been created by Windows 10 Mobile, an operating system that Microsoft stopped supporting in January 2020.

The Emotet botnet is spreading via spam emails, that include malicious Word documents. These Word documents contain malicious macros, which if activated, will download and will install Emotet on computer of the victim.

Once installed, Emotet will steal the victim's email to use in other spam campaigns. In addition, it will download and install other malicious programs such as TrickBot and QBot, which usually lead to attacks ransomware.

Trick users into activating malicious Word macros

When a user opens a Word document with macros, Microsoft Word will open it in "Protected view", Which does not allow the execution of macros.

For this reason, Emotet malware administrators create Word documents designed to defraud user and make him click the button “Activate editing" and "Content activation", To activate malicious macros.

A recent review of Emotet malicious Word documents by the monitoring team Cryptolaemus, showed that one is used new document template which appears to be created in "Windows 10 Mobile".

The notification that users see says the following:

10 Windows Mobile

The operation was not completed successfully because the file was created on a device Windows 10 Mobile. To view and edit the document, click Enable Editing, and then click Enable Content.

10 Windows Mobile

The Windows 10 Mobile operating system was first released in 2015, but due to its small market share, the Microsoft products stopped supporting it in January 2020.

While there are people who continue to use Windows 10 Mobile, their number is very small and the chances of someone sending you documents from a Windows 10 device Mobile is relatively low. Therefore, you have to be very careful, as it is almost unlikely that you will receive one e-mail which is not malicious. If you receive an email with a Word document stating that it was created in Windows 10 Mobile, do not enable editing or content. Discard it immediately!

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