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Linux Mint v20.1 Will be released with the new WebApp Manager

Almost two months earlier, the first trial version of Linux Mint 20 'was releasedUlyana'. To date, the operating system development team has greatly improved the problem areas of the new version. According to the team, the v20.1 version will come soon, which will contain the necessary improvements, but will bring users and some new features.

Recently, Clement Lefebvre, creator of Linux Mint, announced one of the new features that will be available in Linux Mint v20.1. More specifically, he stated that the new version will contain “WebApp Management system”, Also known as“ WebApp Manager ”.

Webapp Manager is a new project of the Linux Mint development team, which will provide the capabilities of "Peppermint ICE manager" to Linux Mint 20.1 users. Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to convert the various websites used in operating system applications.

By converting their favorite web pages into applications, users will be able to open them directly, without the need to use programs browsing.

Linux Mint v20.1 Will be released with the new WebApp Manager

In addition, the application contains several tools, which make surfing even more comfortable and easy. For example, users can create shortcuts of web pages so that they can surf in different places without the need for additional windows.

In addition to the above, users also have the ability add the application to the quick start bar so that they can open it with a single click.

Install WebApp Manager on Linux Mint 20.1:

If you wish to use WebApp Manager before adding it to the operating system, you can download from here.. However, because the application is in beta, many of its features will not work properly.

For the same reason, we recommend waiting for her circulation of the stable version, which will contain all the features, but at the same time will not contain the problems that exist in beta version.


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