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New Intel microcode updates for Windows 10 released

Microsoft has released a new batch of microcode updates for Windows 10 2004, 1909, 1903 and earlier versions to fix hardware bugs on Intel processors.

When Intel detects errors in its CPUs, it releases microcode updates that allow Operating Systems to correct or at least mitigate errors.

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In recent years, Intel microcode updates are commonly used to fix vulnerabilities hardware such as vulnerabilities Specter, Meltdown and Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS).

Microsoft releases Intel microcode updates for Windows 10

Yesterday, Microsoft released eight optional updates for current and previous versions of Windows 10.

In yesterday's release, Intel fixed bugs on 56 different CPUs from the following families:

  • Amber Lake
  • Avoton
  • Broadwell
  • Cascade Lake
  • Cascade Lake
  • Coffee Lake
  • Comet Lake
  • Haswell
  • Kaby Lake
  • Skylake
  • Valley View
  • Whiskey Lake

Intel microcode updates are not installed through Windows Update and must be installed manually.

Below are links to Intel microcode updates for supported versions of Windows:

While we recommend that users install the new microcode updates, it should be noted that previous updates have caused issues efficiency in older ones processors or problems systemic because of the way they mitigate errors and vulnerabilities.

If you want to install the update, you need to check the links above to confirm that your processor is supported.

After installing the microcode updates, Windows 10 will require restart computer to apply the fixes.

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