HomesecurityHackers "hit" the Parliament of Norway and stole data!

Hackers "hit" the Parliament of Norway and stole data!

The Norwegian Parliament (Storting) said yesterday that it had fallen victim hacking attack aimed at its internal system Email. Specifically, hackers acquired access on system and stole data concerning parliamentary representatives and officials.

In a press release, the director of Storting, Marianne Andreassen, said that the hackers violated the email accounts of elected representatives and employees, managing to steal large amounts of data. Andreassen added that the incident was currently being investigated by the Norwegian intelligence service and therefore could not determine who was behind it. attack nor the number of accounts violated.

Parliament of Norway

In addition, the Norwegian Parliament has already begun notifying representatives and officials affected by this security incident. According to the country's press, Parliament's IT team has closed the email service to prevent hackers from revealing more data. Prior to this hacking attack, cyber-attacks targeting Norway were rare and "distant".

  • In January 2018, a hacking team stole healthcare data for more than 50% of Norway's population, local press reports.
  • In February 2019, cybersecurity companies Rapid7 and Recorded Future revealed that Chinese hackers violated the Visma, a Norwegian company providing cloud-based business solutions software to European companies, and took advantage of this access to attack the company's customers.
  • In May 2020, a group of internet scammers cheated on Norfund, the Norwegian State Investment Fund, with BEC scam.
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The Norwegian Parliament is working closely with the security authorities to investigate the attack, and Andreassen said the incident was reported by the Storting administration to the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST). Andreassen also explained that the extent of the damage as a result of the attack is unknown at this time and that no motive has been identified for the attack until the current investigation is completed, according to the Norwegian public. broadcasting company NRK.


Norwegian Labor Party communications director Jarle Roheim Håkonsen confirmed to NRK that both workers and Labor party politicians had been affected by the attack. The Central Party also confirmed that its representatives and officials were affected during the breach of Parliament.

Hackers vs Norway

Parliament assists in investigating attack by Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), a government cybersecurity service responsible for coordinating the national emergency response team in computers of the country (NorCERT).

NSM spokeswoman Trond Øvstedal said the Authority had contributed to the response to the incident, the analysis and other measures taken during the incident against the Norwegian Parliament. NSM will also provide technical assistance to the Norwegian Parliament during the investigation.

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