HomesecurityFBI - CISA: Hackers have not stolen data from American voters this year!

FBI - CISA: Hackers have not stolen data from American voters this year!

The FBI and CISA issued a joint statement in response to a misleading article that went viral in the Russian media yesterday and has already gone viral. This article states that hackers violated their electoral systems USA and leaked data from American voters shortly before this year elections of the country.

More specifically, the FBI and CISA said they have not seen any attack by hackers targeting them databases and the electorate systems. According to the article published by the Russian news agency Kommersant, a Russian hacker has seized files containing the data of about 8 million American Michigan voters, after he managed to invade the state database in March.

data of American voters

In addition, according to Kommersant, the hacker claimed to have in his possession archives votes for voters in Connecticut, Arkansas, Florida and North Carolina, but in smaller numbers. He added that he leaked all the databases, providing them for free to one hacking forum since July. While most U.S. state voter records are available for free, the hacker claimed that at least the Michigan voter database contained personal and sensitive information that was "private", such as messages. emails and birth dates.

On the other hand, in a joint statement published today in Twitter, the CISA and the FBI claimed that no such breach occurred. In fact, they stressed that they have not detected malicious interference in the country's electoral systems. In particular, the two services pointed out that they have not detected any cyber attacks this year on voter registration databases or systems that include voting.

data of American voters

Michigan and Connecticut officials also denied allegations that hackers had compromised their systems, in a statement to NBC News reporter Kevin Collier. In addition, the two states reminded American voters that their respective voter databases are public, so anyone can get them either for free or by submitting a request. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

However, this did not stop the Kommersant article from going viral and causing panic among American voters. The fact that thousands of Americans published a news item from a Russian news site without questioning its authenticity sparked a storm of reactions, with the Facebook and Twitter to announce that they have shut down a Russian news site that publishes misleading articles on US policy.

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