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Apple: App Store rules "open" for developers

As promised in WWDC, Apple will allow developers propose changes to its regulations App Store.

Apple: App Store rules "open" for developers

The applications already in the App Store will no longer need to be repaired violations before Apple approves bug fixes, unless those breaches are related to legal issues. The company will also allow developers to suggest changes to its guidelines.

«For applications already in the App Store, the fixes errors will no longer be delayed for breaches of directives other than those related to legal issues. Instead, you will be able to experience guideline violations in your next submission. And now, in addition to deciding whether an application violates the rules, you can suggest changes to the instructions.»

As you may recall, Apple came up with these changes shortly after a 'public conflict" with the Basecamp, for the e-mail application "Hey». The company rejected Basecamp bug fixes because the app required users to sign up for Hey via website, and there was no option for in-app purchases or testing, which would create a commission for Apple. Apple later overturned its decision, allowing it correction and Basecamp reached a compromise: it released a free one essay, available through the application.

But these changes, announced shortly after the fiasco, could prevent a similar situation in the future. However, some time ago, less than two weeks ago, Apple seems to have blocked its app updates WordPress to enforce in-app market support, and although it eventually rescinded it, it should not be forgotten. Another battle that should also not be forgotten is that of Apple with epic Games, which recently began offering Fortnite discounts for players bypassing the App Store.

Apple: App Store rules "open" for developers

It may be a significant move, but many will surely wonder how receptive Apple will be to developers' proposals when so many have backed down from its policy of collecting large commissions and in-app purchases.


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