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Fake "Tenet" movie Torrents steal your money

His long-awaited film Christopher Nolan, Tenet, which premiered this week, has already become one of the most popular searches on Google and in the various torrent sites sites.


The film has already become a blockbuster and many crooks out there, they have created a large number of fake torrent files to trick them users.

In case you are looking for the movie at Internet, be aware that there is currently no real Tenet torrent to download. Torrent sites are flooded with fake pirated movie torrents, some of which can be dangerous.

If you search at Pirate bay for Tenet movie, you will see hundreds of torrent links of fake pirate movie Tenet. Chances are that some of these fake torrent files could install malware on device and entice you to enter your bank account details.

Its creators Torrent Freak tried to download a torrent from Pirate Bay and ended up with a 700MB file. The file simply showed a still image and asked them to use the file ReadMe and install an encoder required to play the video.

The text in the ReadMe file led them to a suspicious site that required credit card information for "verification purposes". From this it became clear that the file was malicious and he was trying to steal their data.

Top torrent sites are aware of the frenzy caused by the new movie Tenet. As they implement anti-fraud measures, the popularity of Nolan's movie could lead some novice users to download fake torrent files that could steal money from their bank accounts. So the best thing to do is to watch the movie in the cinema or wait until it is released in some platform OTT.


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