HomesecurityLenovo: Windows 10 2004 causes BSOD on ThinkPad laptops

Lenovo: Windows 10 2004 causes BSOD on ThinkPad laptops

Lenovo has issued a warning that Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 update) may cause BSOD on various ThinkPad laptops.

As part of the Windows 10 report - KB4566782 & KB4565351, we reported that Lenovo ThinkPad users encountered BSOD errors when virtualization was enabled in Windows 10.

Windows 10 2004 Lenovo ThinkPad

In a Lenovo advisory release released this month, the company warned that the 2019 and 2020 ThinkPad models have enabled virtualization in the "Enhanced Windows Biometric Security" setting may encounter many errors.

After installing the cumulative update issue of August 2020 for Windows 10 Version 2004, the users they may notice one or more of the following "symptoms":

  • BSoD at startup
  • BSoD when launching Lenovo Vantage
  • BSoD when running Windows Defender Scan
  • Unable to connect to Windows Hello via Face
  • Device Manager Errors Related to Intel Management Engine
  • Errors in Device Manager related to IR camera

These issues are caused by incompatible drivers that come into conflict with characteristics of Windows 10 virtualization.

To check if virtualization is enabled, you can go to settings of the ThinkPad BIOS and in the Security> Virtualization menu and check the configuration status Enhanced Windows Biometric Security.

If you have problems with your Lenovo ThinkPad after upgrading to Windows 10 2004, you can try disabling this setting to resolve the issues.

Microsoft usually creates Windows 10 2004 upgrade blocks when such "driver conflicts" occur.

We consider it quite possible that Microsoft will upgrade Windows 10 2004 to affected Lenovo Thinkpads if they do not release updates drivers, so we're just looking forward to seeing the company deal.

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