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What bothers us in Windows 10 and how to fix it

It's no secret that Windows 10 is not perfect. But what really bothers us? Annoying updates? Unexpected restarts? Candy crush and Farmville? Let's see in detail what bothers the majority of users.

Windows 10

For some of these "problems" we offer you some solutions so let's see them below:

1. Annoying updates and unexpected restarts

It's been almost five years since Windows 10 was released and this is by far the most common complaint.

In the early days / months / years of Windows 10, Microsoft was really aggressive with the updates and forced restarts that come with updates. It also did not help the fact that the updates came at unexpected times.

The good news is that constant customer feedback has inspired Windows 10 engineers to adopt a kinder, gentler way of updates. There are many warnings about impending reboots related to monthly quality updates and updates functions are now optional, at least for a year and a half.

2. Candy crush, Farmville and other unwanted apps

As I began writing this article, I opened the Microsoft Comment Center to see what problems people are reporting right now. At the top of their list was a comment entitled: "STOP INSTALLING CRAPWARE."

I'm sure the author knew he was writing in capital letters, so he was probably just outraged. "I do not want and have not asked for games like Farmville or Candy Crush. I've uninstalled them in the past… and now they have been reinstalled as part of some Microsoft updates. "

The only sure solution to this problem is to upgrade to the Microsoft Business Class version: Windows 10 customers who pay $ 7 or $ 10 or $ 20 a month for an Enterprise license or business account Microsoft 365, are free of Candy Crush and Farmville games.

3. Other pre-installed Windows 10 apps

 Windows 10, like any other operating system, includes a variety of applications designed to perform the basic tasks that a computer is expected to perform, such as browsing the web, checking emails, playing audio / video files, or photo editing and, I do not know what else.

Some people are completely disappointed when they think that all these applications take up space on disk. Most of these applications take up very little disk space and can easily be ignored if you prefer a third-party alternative. Some, but not all, can be uninstalled. Some, like the built-in Calendar app, are useful in ways you might not have expected, so give them another chance.

4. The Windows Start menu

This topic may not be at the top of the list of problems but some people are bothered or just do not like it.

Starting Windows 10 is an interesting composition of the Windows 7 Start menu (a scrolling, alphabetical list of programs) on the left and the Windows 8 Start screen (tiles of various sizes) on the right.

You can customize the right side of the Start layout by resizing one so-called "tile" at a time, organizing the "tiles" into groups, and folding some of these groups into folders. Definitely not an easy process but it might help.

 5. Programs that start automatically

Programs associated with the auto-start category (often without your permission) that absorb resources every time you do start, and continue to run in the background even though you may prefer to use these resources for something else. Of course everything we have described is annoying.

To organize this mess a bit, go to Settings> Apps> Startup. There, you will find a complete list of all applications that start automatically every time you turn on your computer so make the necessary settings.

We hope all of the above will help improve your Windows 10 experience, if not stay tuned for more tech tips!


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