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Sony: More PlayStation Games Coming to PC!

Sony plans to bring more of them games of, from console PlayStation, on computers, according to the information.

Sony: More PlayStation Games Coming to PC!

In quotes from the company's corporate report for 2020, it appears that Sony wrote: "We will investigate extension of first - party titles for PC platform, in order to promote it further development of our revenue. "

As you probably know, this follows the previous recent one decision Sony to bring the Horizon Zero Dawn in electronics computers, which was a very big indication of the company's intentions - although the transfer of this particular game was unfortunately quite serious problems.

Still, it remains one of the most promising comments from Sony for those PC gamers who want to get their hands on PlayStation-only games sometime in the future - because of course the transfer of games to PCs will be delayed without doubt.

This comes after the statements of their leader Worldwide Studios of PlayStation, Hermen Hulst, earlier this year, who reassured console fans by clarifying that the new policy Sony does not provide for the transfer of every first-party game, but only those that are suitable and will fit well on a computer.

«And to relax some, the circulation a first party AAA title on the computer does not necessarily mean that every game will now come to the computer. In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn fit the occasion perfectly,Said Hulst.

Sony: More PlayStation Games Coming to PC!

It may seem obvious that more exclusive games will come to your computer, but the question is which one. Logically, they will be games that take full advantage of the possibilities hardware of the computer, especially in the part of the control front, such as shooters (or action RPGs such as Horizon Zero Dawn) using a mouse and keyboard.


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