HomesecurityWhy do governments hire hackers?

Why do governments hire hackers?

When most people think about what a hacker is, they think of a person who is able to break into various computer systems in order to commit a criminal activity. In recent years we have been aware of the dangers that hackers can put us in but we will see below how they can be linked to various state governments.

Many people believe that every time someone causes internet problems the IP of so it can not automatically recreate a problem. However, it is clear that the most stubborn hackers can bypass these blocked IPs easily. This is usually done using them proxies.

Surprisingly, most of the "hacking" that is happening today is done with the full knowledge of the government authorities. In fact, many hackers work for a state. While criminal hacking groups certainly exist, a significant amount of hacking is done by governments.

Hacking is not as simple as the movies have made you believe. Even those with a deep understanding of how it works cyber security, it is difficult to find vulnerabilities in the systems.


Electronic imposition of sanctions

From the public revelation of the Stuxnet virus, it is clear that states are heavily involved in hacking activities. Stuxnet was a virus designed to target certain command and control systems built by Siemens.

Stuxnet was a so-called attack zero-day, who took advantage of vulnerabilities that had not yet been revealed to the manufacturers. Usually, when a new vulnerability is discovered in a system, it is either reported to the relevant manufacturer and corrected, or leaked to the Dark web and is used by Criminals.

However, if a zero-day vulnerability is detected and not disclosed to the relevant manufacturer, there is no way to fix the vulnerability. This makes zero-day vulnerabilities very interesting for hacking groups funded by state, which can take advantage of vulnerabilities for as long as they are unknown to the wider community.

Why governments "hire" hackers

Governments around the world have impressive hacking capabilities. We all know that governments are capable of carrying out cyber attacks among themselves, but most people assume that these possibilities will never be activated - at least not by their governments.

However, governments around the world are using the potential of hackers to hack them citizens their. It really does not matter what country you live in, there is almost certainly a state spying on your government.

While this may be shocking to some people, it is actually an inevitable consequence of the way hackers are recruited throughout the world. people. Cyberspace is the most important arena for conflict in the 21st century. Any country that will be able to dominate its rivals in its field security in cyberspace will be able to destroy their national infrastructure and gain a significant advantage in any conflict.

Knowledge is power

Governments are able to acquire the hacking capabilities they have thanks to their availability exploits and custom hacking tools in the open market. It is no secret that some governments are recruiting hackers, wanting to exploit their skills and knowledge without having to invest in their own education.

Regardless of their general philosophy, governments around the world are buying and selling vulnerabilities in the field of cyber security.

SecNews has reported many cases of government-sponsored hacking groups in the past.

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