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Use of technology to deal with harassment in transport

Technology at the disposal of experts on tackling harassment of women on public transport in Sydney.

Use of technology to deal with harassment in transport

Η sexual harassment of women is a very serious problem for many countries. Many women are in risk when traveling at night on the road or when using means of transport.

This problem has also concerned the organization Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), who decided to try new “innovative ideas data and technology ” to address sexual harassment of women on public transport in Greater Sydney (especially at night).

After the Safety After Dark Innovation Challenge, TfNSW has come up with ideas that will be tested over the next six months, including artificial intelligence (AI) in the CCTV system to automate the detection of threatening behaviors, using datasets and algorithms. The goal is its promotion security.

"We all want customers us to feel safe in network and it's not good that 9 out of 10 women in Australia are being harassed on the street and changing their behavior in response", Said the Minister of Transport Andrew Constance.

harassment means of transport
Use of technology to deal with harassment in transport

 "We are excited to work with entrepreneurs and universities to implement innovative technological solutions to keep women safe".

TfNSW received 44 applications for the Safety After Dark Innovation Challenge and the winners were selected by a committee. The winners are University of Wollongong, the data exchange platform "She is a Crowd", the company Guardian LifeStream and Cardno / UNSW.

Constance said the winners showed they were able to "tackle the issues effectively security”And have the ability to use creative and sophisticated new technologies that will make a difference.

We hope these new ones technologies will help to address the serious problem of harassment, although those responsible should also focus on punishing people who behave in this way.


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