HomesecurityInvestigation into alleged fraud in Commonwealth activities

Investigation into alleged fraud in Commonwealth activities

As revealed by Australian National Audit Office (ANAO), an investigation is being carried out into certain activities of the Commonwealth, as there are allegations of fraud.


"During the audit, ANAO was informed by the Ministry of Finance of allegations fraud "on the supply of IT contractors," he said.

The survey was conducted to "assess the extent to which the establishment and use of three procurement and information technology, they supported the achievement of value for money ".

Η ANAO examined the most closed IT services committee set up by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, the Digital Transformation Framework created by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and the Australian Government's $ 1 billion total DTA.

The combined reported value of the contracts under the agreements exceeds $ 2,8 billion.

ANAO examined a sample of 15 supplies. Five of them took place under the agreement IBM by the Australian Electoral Commission, the Australian Taxation Service, the Home Office, the Ministry of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and Services Australia.

The investigation found that the Infrastructure complied with the Commonwealth (CPR) Public Procurement Rules and adopted guidelines when setting up its committee, but could have taken a stronger approach to price, quality and risk.

ANAO said, however, that the DTA did not comply with all of them rules, but that he adopted a number of "good practices".

The DTA has since corrected its shortcomings to comply with minimum CPR requirements, ANAO said. The DTA, however, should have been more active in identifying and managing key risks and odds adjustments in the creation process, ANAO said.

ANAO said the five entities had documented IBM's supply target, but said ATO did not fully demonstrate that the conditions for a limited offer were met. According to previous information from the audit firm, in 2018-19 78.150 contracts were published in AusTender with a total value of $ 64,5 billion. The contracts in its category technology information, broadcasting and telecommunications accounted for 6,1% of the total value of the reported contracts, representing more than $ 3,9 billion.

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