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Home security Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!

Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!

Panteion Hacked: Hackers attacked panteion.gr! Defaced subpages belonging to the domain panteion.gr from hacker or a hacking group called Al Catraz.

Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!
Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!

A few minutes ago 6 subdomains of the website of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences were violated by the hackers Al Catraz.

Panteion Hacked: Hackers attacked panteion.gr!
Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!

Malicious users have defaced the following pages:

Panteion Hacked: Hackers attacked panteion.gr!

According to exclusive information, the hackers managed to alter the main website of the subdomains and added an image with the following message "[Hacked by Al Catraz] Say hello for admin. ", As shown in the screenshots.

What is defacement?

A defacement attack is a kind of "vandalism»A website, where hackers penetrate the website and replace its content with their own messages. It is usually used to cover something bigger, in the background, and the messages may convey a political or religious message, inappropriate content, or a notice that the site has been compromised.

Content alteration is usually achieved by using SQL injection and logging into the administrator account. Common targets of defacement attacks are government figures and websites, or religious websites, and attacks are most often carried out by activists (hacktivists), who prefer large pages with many viewers.

Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!
Panteion Hacked: Hacking attack on panteion.gr!

A defaced website, in order to return, will have to log off in order to take the necessary recovery actions, while visitors will feel that there is not enough security and that the page is not able to be protected.

In the circle of hackers there are even online contests that highlight who will do the most defacement in a certain period of time.

Common means of defacement attacks can be: unauthorized access, SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), DNS hijacking and malware infection.

Usually, such attacks are guided, and can often be combined with other types of attacks and data interception.

SecNews is conducting its own research to bring more information to light. Stay tuned.


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