HomesecurityA Chinese man is accused of destroying FBI investigation data

A Chinese man is accused of destroying FBI investigation data


Chinese researcher at the University of California, is charged by US Department of Justice (DoJ) for alleged destruction of evidence related to an FBI investigation σχετικά με την possible illegal transportation technology of the USA in China.

The accused is named Guan Lei and it is said that threw a hard drive in a trash can close to home in the USA, before attempting to board a flight to China.

The hard drive was found in his hands Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but Guan Lei refused to have his computer tested before boarding the plane for China.

Following the rejection of the FBI's request for its analysis computer, Guan was not allowed to board the flight.

According to an affidavit filed by the FBI in support of its accusations against the Chinese investigator, the hard drive "suffered irreparable damage and all the previous ones data related to the hard drive seems to have been intentionally removed".

The FBI has since launched an investigation to determine if Guan Lei was carrying a sensitive software US or technically data on China National Defense Technology University (NUDT) or if he falsely refused its relationship with the Chinese military, when he applied for a visa in 2018.

During the investigation, the defendant admitted that participated in military training and occasionally wore a military uniform while studying at the NUDT, but claimed to be a normal, ordinary student.

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However, in addition to destroying evidence, Guan has also been charged with hide digital devices storage by the FBI, while it is said that he says lies when he says he had no contact with the Chinese consulate during his stay in the US.

If charged, the Chinese investigator could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

Guan is the last Chinese national to be investigated for possible smuggling technology of the USA in China. Earlier this year, someone else was sentenced to two years in prison for theft of next generation battery technology from American company oil.

At the same time, the Huawei accused of alleged information theft by a T-Mobile phone-testing robot called Tappy, in order to create a corresponding one of its own.

The US has been blaming China for a few years now espionage attempts to steal trade secrets, and more.

"The FBI is conducting about a thousand investigations into the allegations theft US technology from China, "said Christopher Wray, director of the FBI.


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