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Does closing applications in the background save battery?

For years, the idea that closing applications in the background could save battery power on devices iPhone and Android. However, this theory is a myth and if you are one of the people who use this practice, then you should know that not only do you not help battery of the mobile phone, but instead you burden it.


Does closing applications in the background save battery?

The answer is no. Closing applications in the background does not save battery. The main reason this myth prevailed is that people confuse "open in the background" with the "background operation». When the applications are open in the background, they are in a state where it is easy to restart them. This does not mean that these applications use a large part of your resources.

In fact, closing applications in the background uses more battery power. When you close one application, you use a portion of your device's resources and battery to shut it down and clear it of RAM. Additionally, resources will be reused when you reopen the application, which also results in increased battery life.

What can you do to improve battery life?

If you want to improve its battery life smartphone you can use the following tips:

Turn off notifications for frequently used apps

Reducing alerts is one of the most effective means of optimizing battery life.

Minimize data usage

You can restrict background data to applications that are rarely used. This can be done by revoking the license granted to applications for the use of background data.

Turn off vibration for alerts and calls

Vibration is a very easy to use feature. However, every time your phone vibrates, a small vibration motor installed in the device it works for you and consumes battery power.

Use Adaptive Brightness

You can extend battery life by using the lowest possible screen brightness when indoors.

Disable background applications

If you want to save battery, you can try simply disabling applications running in the background. Go to Settings> Applications and scroll to a specific application where you want to disable background data.


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