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Windows 10: The latest update may have corrupted your SSD!

The previous one information of Microsoft Windows 10, caused serious problems in the SSD hard drive optimization tool.

windows 10 ssd
Windows 10: The latest update may have corrupted your SSD!

A new Windows 10 update is expected to resolve this error affecting the tool Optimize Drives, which can affect the life of SSDs.

The problems first appeared with the 2004 version of Windows 10, and were released in May, with users reporting that the optimization tool failed to record the last time the SSD was rebuilt.

This means that Windows 10 was running automatic hard drive optimizations much more often than they should, which could affect its lifespan and cause great damage.

When a drive is rebuilt, its contents are reorganized in a way that allows it access in data faster. Rebuilding a highly fragmented drive can lead to a dramatic increase in performance, but the optimization process also affects the drive itself.

Normally, Windows 10 should record the last time a hard drive was optimized to ensure that the SSD would not be unnecessarily damaged.

In the case of SSDs, some experts believe that it is not right to perform a rebuild, while others have stated that there are benefits to optimizing a highly fragmented SSD about once a month.

However, as a result of a Windows 10 2004 error, the Optimize Drives tool rebuilds the drives each time the connected device is restarted device, which means that many SSDs are rebuilt about 30 times more often than suggested.

Windows 10: The latest update may have corrupted your SSD!

Microsoft has identified the issue, which was first detected in June, and has already released fixes for members of the program Insider with Windows 10 Build 19042.487 (20H2).

Unfortunately, other Windows 10 users will have to wait for the repair in version beta, while it is recommended that you turn off auto-defragmentation to avoid further damage to the SSDs.



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