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Facebook vs Apple: iOS 14 restricts audience network ads

Facebook warns advertisers that tools instead-monitoring of Apple iOS 14 will reduce the earnings more than 50%.

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Facebook vs Apple: iOS 14 restricts audience network ads

In a blog post, Facebook said it does not collect IDs from advertisers (IDFAs) from Facebook-owned applications in Appliances iOS 14, as Apple has added a feature that requires users to agree to ad tracking used for targeted ads. Facebook says it is not one change that wants to do, but Apple 'has imposed this decision».

Apple devices offer an "Advertiser ID" (IDFA) that Facebook and its affiliates use to target ads. In iOS 14, IDFA is a participation feature, providing greater transparency to users who would rather not be tracked in apps and websites.

"This is not a change we want to make, but unfortunately the iOS 14 updates have made that decision. We know that this can seriously affect the ability of publishers to monetize the network in iOS 14, and, despite our best efforts, can make the network so inefficient in iOS 14 that it makes no sense to offer it in the future. . »

Social media warns that iOS 14‌ could make it audience network ineffective in iOS 14, and so may not be offered on the platform in the future. Facebook says it will have limited ability to run targeted ads on Apple's new software. Some iOS 14‌ users will not see ads from Facebook, while others will see less relevant advertisements. Publishers and developers using Facebook's audience network should rely on lower CPMs.

"Although it is difficult to measure the impact on publishers and developers at this point, essay, we've seen more than a 50% drop in ad revenue when personalization was removed from mobile ad installation campaigns. In fact, the impact on iOS 14‌ may be much greater, so Facebook is working on short- and long-term strategies to support publishers following Apple's changes. "

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Facebook vs Apple: iOS 14 restricts audience network ads

IOS 14‌ has a "monitoring" section in its privacy section, where users can disable the option of apps to watch them all together. Even if this feature is turned off, apps will still ask for permission to track users on apps and websites owned by other companies, making it difficult to covertly track related ads running in the background.

Facebook says Apple's move will be a blow to many developers and publishers, and plans to invest time and resources in creating products that will increase income for publishers, and support platforms other than iOS 14.