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ExTiX Linux 20.09: Released with new KDE interface

ExTiX Linux 20.09: Released with new KDE interface

Recently, Arne Exton, creator of ExTiX Linux, announced the next stable version of the operating system. The new ExTiX Linux 20.09 is based on ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS and uses it Linux Kernel 5.4. According to Exton, the new version brings users many new features, while also containing some improvements in various parts of the system.

One of the most important changes of the new version, is the addition of Anbox to the default applications of the operating system. For those who do not know, Anbox is a tool that allows users to install and run applications Android, directly on Linux, without the need for emulators or other applications.

In addition to Anbox, ExTiX Linux 20.09 contains some useful applications for android, such as Aptoide App Manager and F-Droid. Of course, users can download other applications using Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Additionally, if an application does not exist on Google Play, users can install it from an APK file using the ADB tool.

Unfortunately, because Anbox is in beta stage, users may encounter some problems at work. For example, the tool cannot work on its virtual machines VirtualBox, and does not have the ability to display videos.

Like any other version, 20.09 also includes Refracta Snapshot. In case you did not know, Refracta is a tool that allows you to create a personal system, which you can use as a live version, but also install on other computers.

In addition to improvements to operating system applications, the new version of ExTiX Linux brings users the user interface KDE Plasma 5.104, which officially replaced the old LXQT environment.

More details about the changes, as well as operating system installation files, can be found here..

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