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How Much Money Does a Country's Top YouTubers Make?

You can find almost anything on YouTube and some vloggers make huge amounts of money by posting their videos on the platform. The topics chosen by Youtubers vary, from makeup and unboxing lessons to travel vlogs.

The company Accredited Debt Relief, researched the top YouTubers of each country and how much money they make in Internet. YouTubers make money from advertisements displayed in their videos.

Youtube Youtubers

In May 2020, he used the Social Blade and Vidooly websites to find out who YouTuber in each country has the most subscribers. Also use the Banner tag to find the average daily views and estimate the profit of each channel using the Noxinfluencer website.

Some of the results are amazing. One of America's most popular YouTubers is a six-year-old girl from Russia and her name is Anastasia Radzinskaya - her YouTube channel is called Like Nastya.

The children's channel Like Nastya has 59,1 million subscribers and an average of 74,9 million views per day, earning $ 7,73 million per month.

At Saudi Arabia, blogger mmoshaya has 17,9 million subscribers to his Youtube channel. His current estimated monthly earnings are $ 913,3 thousand.

In England, the PewDiePie Entertainment channel tops the list. PewDiePie has a Swedish influencer based in England. Its channel has 105 million subscribers and earns about $ 1,16 million a month on average.

The most popular YouTuber gaming in the study is Jacksepticeye from Ireland, which has 24,3 million subscribers. He earns almost $ 1 million a month.

So if you have a Youtube channel and a few thousand subscribers, you might be interested in calculating earnings you.

To get an approximate price, try the Noxinfluencer YouTube Money Calculator, which takes the average Views and the number of subscribers to a YouTube channel to estimate how much money the channel can make from advertisements per thousand views.

You earn much less than you think you can. Therefore, to reach this level of income from YouTube requires a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work work.

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