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The speech of Trump Jr. made the "cocaine" trend on Twitter!

The National started on Monday Congress Republicans, and Trump Jr. managed to make a trend in Twitter the word "cocaine».

The most prominent speakers of the night, such as Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle, had a special energy in their speeches. They talked about "destiny" and about protection of "western civilization". But some speakers created a very strange atmosphere, which seemed to push their surprisingly fascist message to the next level.

trump jr
The speech of Trump Jr. made the "cocaine" trend on Twitter!

Trump Jr. he had a strange look, with shining eyes, a little sweat on his face and a strange rhythm, which seemed to struggle to behave like a normal human being. So the people watching him wondered if his behavior could come from one drug, like cocaine, which gives people tremendous energy, and Twitter users seemed to think so, even if it was funny.

The strange behavior of Donald Trump Jr. can explain why cocaine was a trend, but how it is explained that it became a trend on the same subject and "Loch Ness»; The word is also spread by Trump Jr., who described Republican presidential candidate Joe Biden as a "Loch Ness monster", a clumsy attempt to belittle the former vice president while imitating his father's gestures.

Note that Jeet Heer's political commentator The Nation, explained that his behavior was probably not fueled by cocaine, but despair and a general discomfort.

"The most probable explanation is the existential fear. Trump Jr. he was never comfortable with her publicity, he always tried to imitate his father. He always looked like a lost puppy, someone who is never comfortable with him people but tries anxiously to spy on the situation. To this physical discomfort was added the fear of his father's possible defeat. "

The speech of Trump Jr. made the "cocaine" trend on Twitter!

Heer also notes that Donald Trump Jr. has a lot to lose if he is held accountable for his fraudulent dealings during the 2016 presidential election. Biden climbs on White House.

Guilfoyle, who is dating Trump Jr., did not appear to be a drug addict, and it was clear that Republicans firmly believed that the country would be destroyed if president Biden.


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