HomesecuritySchools in California have been attacked by malware

Schools in California have been attacked by malware

On Monday morning, Rialto schools in California came under attack and suspended remote classes because their servers had been compromised. The purpose of the malware was to harm computers.

And now employees are collecting computers and devices to check in case they have been breached.

The motive for the attack?

School officials say no ransom has been demanded so far, but if all the malware wanted to cause was chaos at the beginning of the school year, it succeeded.


Syeda Jafri, a spokeswoman for RUSD, said: "We are facing something out of control." She continued her statements through SOCIAL MEDIA saying: "The Rialto Unified School District is facing a malware attack."

Jafri says the server that powers all of the school's computers was attacked as soon as the school year. And we already know that it is not easy for them parents since the lessons are carried out remotely. He goes on to say: "We contacted the parents, them schoolchildren and of course with our staff as we will have to suspend our operations indefinitely ".

Maya Levine reports "In general, such attacks are quite serious and the conservative approach taken by the school is the right one." Regarding the server, he said: "There is a high probability that all devices connected to the server will experience the same problem."

Jay Gehringer was the director of cyber security education at North Hollywood High.

He coached students who excelled nationally in competitions against him hacking.

He says, "The bad guys have become much better at hacking than the good guys at insuring themselves computers their. The world is changing fast the bad guys are getting better and faster and we just have to understand that our school systems and our teachers do the best they can to educate our children. "

And the hacking investigation continues.

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