HomesecuritySignificant increase in brute-force attacks in Brazil

Significant increase in brute-force attacks in Brazil

According to a new report, the first six months of 2020 have been marked significant increase in brute-force attacks in Brazil.

More than 2,6 billion attempts at brute-force attacks in Brazil have been recorded by company cyber security Fortinet, from January to June. In all, 15 billion attempts have been made across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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According to the report, there has been a "significant increase" in brute-force attacks in this area. During brute-force attacks, attackers try to guess name combinations user and passwords, many times through automated means, until the right ones are discovered credentials that will give them access to accounts.

Its increase remote work has rekindled cybercriminals' interest in this type of attack, according to Alexandre Bonatti, Director of Engineering at Fortinet Brazil: "[Attackers] find significant numbers of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP"servers that are not configured properly, which facilitates intrusions", he noted.

An example of brute-force attacks mentioned by the company in its report is SSH.Connection.Brute.Force, which consists of several SSH requests, designed to execute brute-force SSH login (200 times in 10 seconds).

For other types of cyber-attacks, The Phishing campaigns related to Covid-19, are still common in Brazil, but do not occur with the same intensity as at the onset of the pandemic (especially in April).

The increase in phishing this month was due to the increase in malicious messages sent via WhatsApp and related to Covid-19. Cybercriminals were sending messages to theft personal data of the user or installing malware on Appliances their. Now these attacks have decreased a bit, but brute-force attacks are still on the rise.

Another report published in March 2020, by Trend Micro, raised Brazil third in the global ranking of cyber-threats (mainly via email and ransomware), behind the United States and China. The same report lists Brazil as the third country in the world with the highest number of ransomware attacks in 2019, behind USA and India.

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