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The telescopes connected to a smartphone that show the sky!

Telescopes connected to a smartphone pointing to the sky: These telescopes, which use Starsense technology and smartphones, are designed for astronomy enthusiasts. Two of the best are the Starsense Explorer DX 130AZ and its Starsense Explorer LT 114AZ Celestron, and definitely worth a try.

The telescopes connected to a smartphone that show the sky!

Η technology behind its use smartphone is Celestron's Starsense technology. It is essentially one application that uses your phone camera to scan the night sky, and then sends the scan results back to the cradle data of Celestron. It is a very good solution, especially for beginners, who love the view of the stars but have no idea of ​​astronomy.

This is not a new technology in itself, in fact there are many applications that give you real-time information about nightlife. sky, the location of the stars, the names of the formations and much more information, but these are the first telescopes built with the ability to connection on a smartphone. Once the Starsense app is connected to the telescope, it displays objects that were visible in the night sky that night.

The process of finding an object with the application is simple. You can do search or scroll around the interface and tap something you want to see. The application then displays arrows that show you in which direction the telescopes should move. The fastest thing to do is to manually move it until you are close, and then use the included slow motion controllers until the application shows that you are in the right place.

The telescopes connected to a smartphone that show the sky!

The most important thing is convenience use of the application and the guidance it provides for the telescopes. Celestron undoubtedly did an amazing job, took something very complex and turned it into an experience that is accessible to all.


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