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OnionShare: Easy and fast upload of files through Tor Onion

OnionShare: Easy and fast upload of files through Tor Onion

Nowadays, many of its users Internet, have the need to upload and edit various files without fear for their safety. For the same reason, today there are several services that allow you to encrypt and send archives you, quickly and easily. A good example of this is the OnionShare application.

OnionShare is an open source application that allows you to transfer files using the service Tor Onion. In addition to perfect security, OnionShare offers users the ability to send their files without instant messaging connection with the point of dispatch. This means that the recipient can receive the files without knowing their original address.

In fact, OnionShare works like a peer-to-peer application. Thanks to the Tor Onion service, the recipient can receive and download their files directly from the Tor Browser, without the need to install OnionShare.

The following is a list of the most important features of the application:

  • Cross-Platform support (Windows, macOS and Linux).
  • Sending and receiving files.
  • Support for some CLI commands.
  • Ability to use Bridges (if you have trouble connecting to the Tor Network).
  • Persistent URLs (advanced only users).
  • Stealth Mode.

Installing OnionShare on Linux:

Typically, installing OnionShare on operating systems based on Linux, is simple and fast. To install the program, you just need to open the software center and download the application.

In case the application is not available in software center, you should update the PPA using the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: micahflee / ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y onionshare

More details about installing the application on systems that are not based on Ubuntu, can be found on the official page of the application.

Alternatively, if you want to install the application on Windows or macOS, you can λήψη of the application and then follow the instructions of the installer.


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