HomesecurityCryptocurrency Hackers: Quickly detect them with AI

Cryptocurrency Hackers: Quickly detect them with AI

"Based on recent computer break-ins in Europe and the Americas, this type of watchdog software will soon be vital to prevent cryptocurrency miners from invading high-performance computing facilities and stealing valuable computing resources," said Gopinath Chennupati. researcher at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. "The artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning model is designed to detect the abusive use of supercomputers specifically for the purposes of cryptocurrency mining."

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are forms of digital money. Cryptocurrency miners digitally "dig" for coins by making intense calculations.

Legitimate "cryptocurrency miners" often assemble huge arrays of computers to devote to collecting digital cash. But others who want to get rich quick try to hijack supercomputers, of course trying not to find them. The new system artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to detect these actions in practice by comparison programs based on graphs, which are like fingerprints for software.

Cryptocurrency AI

All programs can be represented by graphs consisting of nodes connected by lines and loops. The new AI system compares the contours in a flow control graph of one program with a list of graphs for programs that are allowed to run on a given computer.

However, instead of finding a match with a known criminal program, the system checks to determine if a graph are among those that identify programs that are supposed to run on the system.

The researchers tested their system by comparing a known, benign code with an abusive mining code Bitcoin. They found that system detected their illegal mining much faster and more reliably than conventional AI-free analyzes.

Because the approach is based on graph comparisons, it cannot be fooled by common techniques used by encryption miners to disguise their codes, such as the disguised variable and comments intended to make their code look like legitimate programming.

Although this graph-based approach may not be completely effective solution for all scenarios, significantly extends the set of effective approaches that detectives need to use in cyberspace in their ongoing efforts to quell criminals in cyberspace.

Based on recent changes in so-called "computer break-ins", such software will soon be vital in preventing cryptocurrency miners from invading high-performance computing facilities and stealing valuable computing resources.


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