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Home security International Cybersecurity Institute CSII: Report of Actions for the period 2019-2020

International Cybersecurity Institute CSII: Report of Actions for the period 2019-2020

International Cybersecurity Institute CSII Action Report

The International Cybersecurity Institute (CSI Institute-CSII) informs the citizens about the actions it has taken (action report) during the period 2019 to 06/2020. During the above period the Institute proceeded to various actions such as:

1) conducting workshops in schools for the purpose of informing students on issues of safe navigation in Internet,

2) organization of a live webinar and in the midst of its pandemic coronavirus for informational purposes to parents, children, but also its business groups country related to the modern management of companies them and protection of them from the internet scams,

3) student training visits in the offices for the purpose of their training on internet issues in parallel with an educational trip to the historic center (Acropolis-Plaka-Monastiraki),

4) daily articles on internet phenomena of our time which had a huge impact on social media users, with hundreds of thousands of online users to read and then post our articles on their profiles.

In particular, during the period 2019 - 06/2020, they were recorded more than 460 school requests for training days. Most of them were implemented in order to complete the requests in the immediate time.

At the same time, both the Founder and President of the Institute, Mr. Emmanouil Sfakianakis, and its Director, Ms. Kalliopi Ioannou, granted, following requests from the media, dozens interviews on television, print and electronic media, informing the public about cybersecurity and child protection issues while browsing the internet.

During the above reporting period and in particular in the context of international developments and social distancing measures, the International Cybersecurity Institute is aware of the new data and aiming at the protection of both the team that frames it and the public, continued its activities by taking all necessary measures.

Specifically, the Institute received in the period 2019-06 / 2020- 22.400 telephone calls and 44.500 e-mails of citizens both in the call center and in its e-mail address and in the profiles it maintains on social media (FacebookInstagramLinkedIn).

At the same time, in view of the above measures, the Institute carried out dozens live Webinar via his page at inside social networking, in addition to social media posts on related topics.

The experts of the CSI Institute (CSII) and the distinguished guests held seminars on various topics while the users of the internet had the opportunity not only to attend the seminars, but also to express their questions and receive real-time answers from our distinguished speakers. All videos from online seminars are available at CSI Institute YouTube channel.

The members of the International Institute for Cyber ​​Security during the above period, kept their articles undiminished activity. In particular, in the period 2019 - 06/2020, hundreds of articles were published (about 650 articles) on the Institute's website and social media. These are articles on a variety of topics and each of them was published by name by each CSI Institute volunteer columnist.

Also noteworthy is the reference to the impact of the Institute's page on social media, with the latter numbering today thousands of followers on Facebook.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest thanks to Companies who trust us and through their corporate social responsibility contribute to the organization of events throughout Greece but also to the coordination of online activities such as the Digital Parents' Academy, the Digital Student Academy and other informative activities. We clarify that all CSII services to the citizen provided completely free of charge.

We thank, therefore, all those who offer to our Institute and especially our young volunteers who are all over the country but daily and through networking are close to us to offer to society in different ways and skills.



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