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The FAA will test drone detection technologies at airports

Η Federal Aviation Authority, FAA, is preparing to evaluate various systems detection drone for airports, according to an announcement.

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The FAA will test drone detection technologies at airports

The tests will involve at least 10 technologies and systems developed not only to detect unmanned aerial vehicles but also to reduce the potential for risks security that they pose, and are part of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Detection and Reduction Research Program, while they are expected to start later this year.

The first tests will be conducted at the Technical Center William J. Hughes FAA, located right next to the International Airport Atlantic City on New Jersey. After that, the organization expects to expand its tests to four additional US airports. He has not yet selected these airports and can complete the list of technologies, as he asks the interested parties. Companies working on drone detection systems to respond to its announcement within 45 days.

This upcoming round of tests is far from the first time the FAA has evaluated drone detection and containment systems for airports. The agency has been testing them for years, even before the law FAA Reauthorization of 2018, which forced the agency to ensure that technologies drone detection will not interfere with the safe functions of the airport.

The FAA will test drone detection technologies at airports

A few days ago, the FAA, the Ministry Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Communications Committee also issued a joint advisory document , which aims to help private entities understand federal laws that apply to the use of drone detection systems.

"As the number of drones in our airspace continues to grow, it is not surprising that the availability of anti-drone technologies has also increased. "Because these technologies can be put up for sale without a full discussion of important legal requirements, this Advisory provides information on relevant legislation." said the Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen.


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