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Windows 10: New feature in Settings makes it easy to manage disks

Microsoft's latest effort to improve Settings in Windows 10 focuses on moving disk management to the control interface.

After making the optional Windows 10 updates visible in the Settings app last month, Microsoft is now working to bring what it calls a "modern" download to the disk management console or snap-in tool used to manage disks. that include.

Windows 10

Disk Management in Settings has reached the 20197 preview version of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel.

"From today, you can manage your disks and storage through the Settings app," said Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Manager program for Windows Insider.

Users will be able to view disk information, create and format volumes, and assign drive letters. The new disk management experience in the Settings application improves the capabilities accessibility and integrates with RAID-type disk protection software and the Windows 10 Storage analysis page.

The Storage Spaces is a Windows and Windows Server feature that it supports systems with many units disk and allows users group individual drives to create a group of storage and protect data from drive failures.

To try out the new disk manager, users can go to Settings> System> Storage and click Manage Disks and Volumes.

The current Microsoft Management Console (MMC) add-on is still available for those who need it.

Microsoft also decided to withdraw the new Tips app it started testing with Insiders in the Build 20190 preview earlier this month.

The company called it a "new experience after the update", which points to new features in an upgrade capabilities that users may not have known.

It is not clear if Microsoft intends to continue with the Tips application at a later stage or to reshape the experience with some future tools.

According to Le Blanc, it was a "test run" to get feedback and interest and was "specific to Build 20190 only". Internal users will definitely not see the Tips app in newer ones publications, but LeBlanc notes that participants "may see other experiences like this in newer versions soon."



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