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Apple responds to block WordPress from updates!

On Friday, the Internet filled with posts that wanted Apple to force WordPress to profit from its application iOS. One way was to impose it on him to sell premium designs and custom domain names so that Apple to be able to get the standard 30%.

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Apple responds to block WordPress from updates!

A few hours later, the Apple issued a rare public apology, stating that the WordPress will no longer need to add in-app purchases.

"We believe that problem with WordPress application has been resolved. Since the programmer has removed the appearance of service payment options from the application, it is now a It's free standalone application and does not need to offer in-app purchases. We have informed the developer and apologize for any confusion we have caused.»

As of yesterday, the WordPress application did not sell a single product and did not mention any paid program "WordPress.com", Except in an exclusive tab of premium plans with the available programs.

According to information of The Verge, no purchases could be made for any of these designs, and the entire premium design section was removed as soon as the WordPress developer, Matt Mullenweg, announced that Apple forced him to add in-app purchases (IAP). In fact, he stated that Apple initially excluded him from information iOS application, requiring Apple IAP to add to WordPress within 30 days.

In addition, Mullenweg said he had previously offered to remove other references to programs paid by the app, but these offers were rejected by Apple.

wordpress ios
Apple responds to block WordPress from updates!

Note that the developer denies that WordPress itself submitted the update that would allow its users software Apple to buy premium designs.

«There was no link to the drawings page, and there is no direct way to purchase drawings from within the app, "He said.


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