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Instagram: Now you will open a profile via camera with the QR codes!

Instagram launches them QR codes that can be scanned to open one Profile, from any application camera.

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Instagram: Now you will open a profile via camera with the QR codes!

Instagram presented a news item today ability which will allow users to generate QR codes, which can be easily scanned by any application that supports scan, including his camera phone. This feature was tested last year on Japan and is now released worldwide.

Creating a QR code is very simple. All you have to do is go to "settings" and click on the "QR code". Previously, the medium social had "Nametags", which were somewhat similar to the passwords, but could only be used via Instagram's internal camera.

So this is an extension of an existing feature that will allow them users to escape the "Instagram bubble" and share details without limiting themselves to the app's camera to do so.

The operation of QR codes will be especially useful for retailers, who will now be able to provide their customers with its information. account on Instagram without any physical contact. Instagram retailers to sell their products will now be able to attract more users to their pages, which is very important, as it allows customers to make purchases directly from Instagram or through the store's website.

Instagram: Now you will open a profile via camera with the QR codes!

QR codes are becoming more and more popular due to the need for a "contactless experience". People are moving towards an approach based on QR codes for businesses, and Instagram is trying to fill the gap, especially since it intends to have a marketplace, and by adding a separate "Shop" section in the field of Discover.

It should be noted that of Instagram's competitors, only Twitter uses real QR codes, while others stay in their own tag format. However, Instagram is a much more viable place than Twitter to sell goods, which means it may be the first app of its kind to bring this feature.


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