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Google Meet brings calls to your TV via Chromecast!

Google Meet comes to TV through it chromecast, but you will need him computer you to pull video and sound.

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Google Meet brings calls to your TV via Chromecast!

After the countless video calls brought by pandemic of the coronavirus, you are probably at the point where you want to change things up a bit. And now Google Meet gives you that opportunity. Google has started releasing an update to Meet that allows software transmit calls to Chromecast and Cast enabled devices.

"AWe felt we had to extend Meet to even more screens in home like on TV", Said the company, after making the application available on smart TVs supported by digital assistants, such as Nest Hub Max.

To stream Meet calls to your TV, you need to download the latest version of Chrome at PC or the laptop your. Make sure you also update your Chromecast. Google Browser is a key piece of the puzzle, as Meet will continue to use your computer's camera, microphone, and audio to make the call easier. If you have done all of the above, all you have to do is stream the video call from Google Meet to your TV.

google meet chromecast
Google Meet brings calls to your TV via Chromecast!

When everything is ready to start, you will see an option to broadcast the video conference before you join. It is also possible to do the same during a call by clicking on the three-dot icon and selecting "Transmit this call."

Since the pandemic began, Google has frequently updated Meet to keep up with fast-growing competitors such as Zoom. In May, the search giant announced that it was making Meet free for those with a Gmail account. More recently, the company has integrated software with gmail on Android. If you do not have instant access to the latest Meet update, be patient, as Google usually takes a few days to release new software to everyone.


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