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You must have a Facebook account to use Oculus

Those wishing to use an Oculus device will soon be required to have a Facebook account to connect to their VR profile.

From October, the Facebook-owned company will require its users to log in through the platform social media and merge any existing Oculus accounts with Facebook accounts. From January 2023, all non-merged Oculus accounts will be closed.

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Anyone using an Oculus device for the first time will need a Facebook account to proceed.

"If you are already a user and choose not to merge your accounts, you can continue to use your Oculus account for two years," Oculus said in a statement. Publication announcing all of the above.

"If you choose not to merge your accounts at this time, you can continue to use your device, but the full Functionality will require a Facebook account. We will take steps to allow you to continue using content you have purchased, although we are expecting some games and applications may no longer work. "

Oculus said some games and applications may no longer work because they include features that require a Facebook account.

"All future non-Oculus devices will require a Facebook account, even if you already have an Oculus account," he said.

Oculus believes that all this will make it easier to find, connect and play with friends in VR.

"We know that social VR has a lot to offer and this change will allow the integration of many of the possibilities "that people know and love on Facebook", the post stated. "It will also allow us to present more multi-player experiences and social experiences on Facebook."

With its users' privacy always on the mind of Zuckerberg's empire, users can choose what information about their VR activity is posted on Facebook, Oculus said.

"Using a VR profile backed up by a Facebook account and an authentic ID helps us protect community "and makes it possible to offer additional integrity tools," the post said. "For example, instead of having a separate Oculus Code of Conduct, we will adopt the Facebook Community Standards as well as a new add-on policy that focuses on VR."

Oculus said that when a user logs in using a Facebook account, Facebook will use it information related to using VR and other Facebook products to "provide and enhance your experience". It will also be used to display personalized content to the user, including ads.

Facebook this year stops selling the Oculus Go, a low-quality virtual reality headset that provides 3DOF surveillance.

He said he abandons the relatively cheap device because users have made it clear "that 6DOF is like the future of VR," the company said in June.

Oculus was acquired by Facebook in March 2014 for about $ 2 billion.


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