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Locate X: USSS has acquired access to location data

The Secret Service of USA, USSS, signed a contract for access on Locate X, a service that allows monitoring locations. THE Motherboard published the relevant confirmation of the agreement this morning, following the publication of the Protocol in March. The contract shows that USSS paid the company Babel Street about $ 36.000 to add the service in a $ 2 million social media tracking package.

locate X
Locate X: USSS has acquired access to location data

The Protocol report describes Locate X as a powerful tracking tool that brings together data from popular phone apps and then allows buyers to keep track of the location history of devices that were active, at a specific time and place. He even said that the USSS, US Customs and Border Patrol, as well as the Service Control Immigration and Customs, have already used the product.

The USSS contract published by Motherboard, which was obtained through a request under the Freedom of Information Act, is valid from 2017 to 2018. A former employee previously told the Protocol that USSS had used Locate X to seize illegal "skimmers»Credit cards installed in 2018.

Products such as Locate X are typically based on data intermediaries that offer access to large amounts of theoretically anonymous user data, formally intended for merchants or other non-governmental entities. In fact, it is often possible to identify individual users. They allow law enforcement to skip ordering and request data from companies, a process that provides more accountability and privacy.

Locate X: USSS has acquired access to location data

Legislators and advocates of civil liberties have criticized this strategy. In June, the House of Representatives began research For the Venntel, a different monitoring company, which cooperated with the Ministry of Interior Security. The senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) also recently announced a new bill, called "The fourth modification is not for saleWhich would prohibit these purchases. Wyden told Motherboard that his office asked Babel Street for more details on how Locate X works, but that the company has not answered any questions.


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